Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wonder Thunder Power Hour

the Wonder Thunder Power Hour! Heres a quick thing I did, almost a double cover for my character the Bolt and my friend Wheeler's character Wonder Boy. Bolt is copyright Netwave Comics, Wonderboy copyright Mindblow Studios. For more Wonderboy stuff head to Merry Xmas n Kwanza ya'll

Monday, November 30, 2009

Water Color Project for Mat Tech

For my Materials and Techniques class we had to do a watercolor page on top of inks on top of pencils. I really hate watercolors but you gotta do what you gotta do. Here's my step by step process:

First off I did blue pencil, and some red pencils. I got ahead of myself and started on graphite before I was done with the blue line.

Then I do everything in Graphite, some people won't recommend this but I used mostly a mechanical pencil, I used some other sizes or artists pencils as well.

Next was Inking, the blue is where I taped off the edges of the picture. I used different sizes of micron, white ink, brush pen, and higgins black ink.

Last was dreadful watercolors. I know the coloring isn't great, I learned this in the critique but I've never had a nack for water colors and no matter how much I work with them I don't really progress. it's not fun or enjoyable for me so I stay away from them. People can do amazing things in water color, don't get me wrong, I'm just not one of them.

In the end I think I got an A on this project, but probably more of an A for Effort type deal. Just a hint to everyone, NEVER buy me watercolors. I hope to god this is the last watercolor project i have to do but I doubt it, there is never a last one.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Several weeks ago I had taken a challenge upon myself to draw popular characters i had never drawn before in my life. I usually get annoyed when I see people that never draw original characters and only do fan art so for several years I had drawn nothing but my own original characters. But since people kept asking me to draw certain figures I decided for a whole month every day I'd draw a new famous character I had never drawn before in my life(dont like to call it "fan art" because that makes me sound like a fan boy and that I am NOT). You'd be surprised at some of the things I've never drawn...


The Jonny Quest Gang
Captain Planet
Harry Potter
Lion-O opf the Thunder Cats!
K-Possible and Nick Fury (spawned out of the Disney-Marvel merger)
Deadpool Mickey (requested out of the Disney-Marvel merger)
Samus Aran from MetroidMega-Man (didnt like this one so I re-did him)
Re-did Megaman

Link from Legend of Zelda

(Insepector Gadget will go here when i find the sketch i made)

Mario and Luigi
Master Cheif from HALO!
Prince Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender (Toph to come soon)

Gurren Laggan
(best anime ever{coming from an anime skeptic})

Halloween Fun

Decided to make a fun picin between doin homework, and now all my free time is gone. its me, andrew m, amanda j, michael w, and solomon slaying badly drawn mutant zombies. this was super fast and sketchy. unfortunately i didnt get to put in all the weapons that were mentioned/requested : bayonet, a mace, flame thrower, rocket launcher, stinger missile, swords, or tazers; but hopefully this will suffice. Happy Halloween Everybody.

fun fact: the expressions on Michael and Solomon's faces i drew from actual photos they took on facebook. thanks for the reference guys!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Project for my Materials and Techniques for Sequential Arts Class, I got to sneak in some familiar characters. The one spouting lightning is my character Bolt, and the dude with the W is my friend Dave Wheeler's original character Wonderboy who we are in the process of making a book for: does this mean crossover???? Who knows!?! you'll have to find out. I always forget to take pictures of all the steps I take when i draw, but this time I at least took two;
this was after a day I believe, even tho I started with pencils I was still doing a lot in blue pencil.

second day I devoted the entire day to this because it was due the next morning, I got a lot more black pencils in there but there was still much more to be done. this might've been around 10 or 11pm.
Finished at 4:30 am, went to bed for 4 hours got back up, scanned this then went to class. Next time I do a big project I'll try to remember to take more photos.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yo, I just saw 9 and let me tell you it was DOPE!!! It was dark, suspenseful, and mysterious. The animation was on point and I was into the story. This movie had me on edge, I was anxious, scared, it was action packed, and I got emotionally attached to some of the characters. Over all this movie was really cool and like they say, it's not your little brother's animated movie. Glad i went to see it, you should go see it too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ante-Up: Prelude to Madness ON SALE TODAY!!

Yo everybody! Its done, finally, my premiere preview art book; Ante-Up: Prelude to Madness. 20 pages of Sketch Master Skillz goodness right here: I just got it finished and ready to go on sale, unfortunately it's a little pricier than i was going for, its 15 bucks. Initially I was gonna sell it on IndyPlanet through Ka-Blam for cheaper but they never replied to me so I switched to Lulu. However, there is a download version for half the price, 7.50, I suggest buying that one for your computer and save some dough for when the bigger, better, badder version comes out hopefully buy this December. If you like my stuff here, please head on over to the site and support the book, this will further help me to put out more and better artwork and get the big book done faster. Thanks again to ya'll, peace.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TECHNO INSECTO preview holds a competition every month that allows ten 8paged comics to be voted on by the website members (anyone can join btw), if you win you get commissioned to turn your submission into a full out book. but even if you just get selected to be a finalists (one of the ten) then u still get 500 bucks. i thought this would be a great opportunity to put money in my empty pockets and work on a atory i had in mind for a while now. Unfortunately, i figured this all out way too late.

I started working on this last week tuesday and had to get all 8 pages done (penciled, inked, colored, worded) by moneyday(yesterday). i thought i had enough time, but as it turned out, i was also going out of town on saturday taking me away from my computer, scanner, and wacom tablet and leaving me with only 4 days to get it all done. I thought i could do that too but on top of cleaning up the house getting ready to leave and taking care of my brothers that just did NOT happen.

But i'm kinda glad i couldnt. I mean i wanted to get it all done but its better i have a whole month to get it done in great quality for next time and possibly make it in as supposed to having 4 days to rush it and throw whatever crap i can together and probably not make it in. so i have time to turn it in for next month, but now i'll show you what i got so far. I managed to fully color 4 pages, no text has been added yet, but hopefully the imagery will get ya excited for whats to come:

All images ©sketchmasterskillz 2009

All images ©sketchmasterskillz 2009

All images ©sketchmasterskillz 2009

All images ©sketchmasterskillz 2009

All images ©sketchmasterskillz 2009

That's all i can show you for now, get your fill because i dont think i'm gonna keep these up forever. hope you all are lookin forward to this as much as i am.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fairy Tale Project

Can ya guess what fairytale this is based off of?

Did this for Into to Sequential Art class, they liked it and so do I.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Make History

First off, I know its the end of Black History Month but its also the first little amount of free time i've had all month to do this.

I don't know about you but in my eyes it seems like Black History Month was completely over looked this year. No reminder of it in any for of media came my way and i think its ridiculous. But then i read something online which explains it. People have taken Barrack Obama's election as black history for this month. Yes, his being elected as the first African American President of America is indeed a historical event, but that doesn't mean Black History Month is over. Some people think that since we do have an African American President that we accomplished our goal and therefor don't need Black History Month anymore. That's bull, Black History Month is about not forgetting who brought us here and made a difference for people today. I would be a different story if Black history became equally talked about through out the entire year but thats NOT the case. Not in any of my art history classes do we talk about ANY black people, no lie. Last year we got done reading about renaissance and literally skipped 100 pages all containing art history about Africa and Asia. All i'm saying is don't forget and don't let Black History Month disappear. Its too important. And this goes to EVERYBODY not just black people.

And I'm also reminding you all that you can make history, that's why today i put together a picture of all my black superheroes not just in comics but in real life. Thank you for reading and stay strong.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Dodo Bird

Hey every body. Been extremely busy, but i've scracthed one thing off the todo list. Here i made a prop for my friend's movie project, it involved two guys hitting something with their car and finding out it was a dodo bird. pretty funny, so I got to work and two weeks, voila! click the pic to see the full gallery from start to finish:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Emotional 3-D Ball

In Animation 2 now and we're working with the 3D generator program Maya. This is our first project(we've done other small exercises) where we're supposed to take a ball and make it move and give it emotions. It was a pain in the but but fun to play around with and mess with camera angles.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


New pic I threw together, a guy called the Under-Taker and i did some practicing with backgrounds. Hope ya'll dig it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sneak Peek

Next Christmas, the chase begins...