Sunday, November 1, 2009


Several weeks ago I had taken a challenge upon myself to draw popular characters i had never drawn before in my life. I usually get annoyed when I see people that never draw original characters and only do fan art so for several years I had drawn nothing but my own original characters. But since people kept asking me to draw certain figures I decided for a whole month every day I'd draw a new famous character I had never drawn before in my life(dont like to call it "fan art" because that makes me sound like a fan boy and that I am NOT). You'd be surprised at some of the things I've never drawn...


The Jonny Quest Gang
Captain Planet
Harry Potter
Lion-O opf the Thunder Cats!
K-Possible and Nick Fury (spawned out of the Disney-Marvel merger)
Deadpool Mickey (requested out of the Disney-Marvel merger)
Samus Aran from MetroidMega-Man (didnt like this one so I re-did him)
Re-did Megaman

Link from Legend of Zelda

(Insepector Gadget will go here when i find the sketch i made)

Mario and Luigi
Master Cheif from HALO!
Prince Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender (Toph to come soon)

Gurren Laggan
(best anime ever{coming from an anime skeptic})

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miss liss said...

the johnny quest one if my favorite.. i love the way you draw your people! great style, and they're still really solid! you're going places! =D