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Senior Film

It's finally done, my senior film for animation is finished. Originally titled "Automaton" the name has been changed to something more fitting. I hope you enjoy this teaser trailer film.

note: the film is an actual trailer, I'm not showing a trailer to the film. this IS the entire film.

Final animation project for my 2-D Animation Production class.
Flour Sack

My final project for my Animation 1 class back in Sophomore year at SCAD.


Heavy Lift assignment for 2d Character 1. I loved and hated this project, technically it's not finished but I'm done with this one for a while.


2-D Character Animation 1 project, we had to make this character "Norman" do a take and then a reaction.

"What is On Your Face?"

second dialogue assignment, this one turned out better than the first because I wasn't rushing (I'll post the poorly done first dialogue one day). I think the audio is from the Office.