Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yo, I just saw 9 and let me tell you it was DOPE!!! It was dark, suspenseful, and mysterious. The animation was on point and I was into the story. This movie had me on edge, I was anxious, scared, it was action packed, and I got emotionally attached to some of the characters. Over all this movie was really cool and like they say, it's not your little brother's animated movie. Glad i went to see it, you should go see it too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ante-Up: Prelude to Madness ON SALE TODAY!!

Yo everybody! Its done, finally, my premiere preview art book; Ante-Up: Prelude to Madness. 20 pages of Sketch Master Skillz goodness right here: I just got it finished and ready to go on sale, unfortunately it's a little pricier than i was going for, its 15 bucks. Initially I was gonna sell it on IndyPlanet through Ka-Blam for cheaper but they never replied to me so I switched to Lulu. However, there is a download version for half the price, 7.50, I suggest buying that one for your computer and save some dough for when the bigger, better, badder version comes out hopefully buy this December. If you like my stuff here, please head on over to the site and support the book, this will further help me to put out more and better artwork and get the big book done faster. Thanks again to ya'll, peace.