Saturday, February 28, 2009

Make History

First off, I know its the end of Black History Month but its also the first little amount of free time i've had all month to do this.

I don't know about you but in my eyes it seems like Black History Month was completely over looked this year. No reminder of it in any for of media came my way and i think its ridiculous. But then i read something online which explains it. People have taken Barrack Obama's election as black history for this month. Yes, his being elected as the first African American President of America is indeed a historical event, but that doesn't mean Black History Month is over. Some people think that since we do have an African American President that we accomplished our goal and therefor don't need Black History Month anymore. That's bull, Black History Month is about not forgetting who brought us here and made a difference for people today. I would be a different story if Black history became equally talked about through out the entire year but thats NOT the case. Not in any of my art history classes do we talk about ANY black people, no lie. Last year we got done reading about renaissance and literally skipped 100 pages all containing art history about Africa and Asia. All i'm saying is don't forget and don't let Black History Month disappear. Its too important. And this goes to EVERYBODY not just black people.

And I'm also reminding you all that you can make history, that's why today i put together a picture of all my black superheroes not just in comics but in real life. Thank you for reading and stay strong.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Dodo Bird

Hey every body. Been extremely busy, but i've scracthed one thing off the todo list. Here i made a prop for my friend's movie project, it involved two guys hitting something with their car and finding out it was a dodo bird. pretty funny, so I got to work and two weeks, voila! click the pic to see the full gallery from start to finish: