Thursday, October 1, 2009


Project for my Materials and Techniques for Sequential Arts Class, I got to sneak in some familiar characters. The one spouting lightning is my character Bolt, and the dude with the W is my friend Dave Wheeler's original character Wonderboy who we are in the process of making a book for: does this mean crossover???? Who knows!?! you'll have to find out. I always forget to take pictures of all the steps I take when i draw, but this time I at least took two;
this was after a day I believe, even tho I started with pencils I was still doing a lot in blue pencil.

second day I devoted the entire day to this because it was due the next morning, I got a lot more black pencils in there but there was still much more to be done. this might've been around 10 or 11pm.
Finished at 4:30 am, went to bed for 4 hours got back up, scanned this then went to class. Next time I do a big project I'll try to remember to take more photos.

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CCG Coordinator said...

Hey Samir,
Cool post! Thanks for the in progress shots! One critique: the lighting bolt guys head seems a bit wonky in the final version - even with the circular lens perspective distortion.
Hope you will post more and maybe link to or make a unique post for the CCG blog? We like seeing how they teach at the big-time art school!
Take care,