Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not Just A Bouncing Ball...

My animation class has been studying the bouncing ball and we've drawn sevral clips of it to learn about animating gravity, motion, and squash and stretch. This is the fourth project where the bouncing ball could be whatever.

(for some reason when i play it, it speeds up really fast but then plays normally after i click it a second time, just so you know)

I have 3 other clips of bouncing balls but i didn't post them because none of them are as exciting as this one. This took me hours to finish but it turned out better than i expected and i LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

Samir, that bouncing brotha is tight. i know it must feel good to take something in class and apply it to your own interest! congrats young brother.
peace and blessings,
frank x walker

Anonymous said...

wow! i am very impressed sir! great job

Anonymous said...

that's really well done!! congratulations!

teresa tomb

Mama Kay said...

Samir, I haven't seen your work since you were very young . I am so proud of your progress. Keep me on your email list I want to see more. Love 2 your family
Mama Kay

Patti Bingham said...


I love seeing your work...and...hearing of your excitement as a artist.

Watching this makes me happy!

Patti Bingham

Ricardo Cairo said...

I just watched it using the pause button and it is really full of details you don't get to see when it is played normal. Super!
Post the other ones too please?

Uncle Ric from Amsterdam
"goed gedaan!"

Anonymous said...


The bouncing ball is really funny and I like the thing where he pops out. And it was really cool.

Your cool brother Essien