Friday, October 31, 2008

Mountain Dew...

Mountain Dew had a contest this month to create bottle art design and possibly getting it placed on their bottles, prizes could go up to $1000. Of course being the broke college student i am decided to work my butt off along with all the other work i had to do for classes to try and get this done. Only to learn that when i try to submit it today Friday the 31st(which i believe was the original deadline) do i find out that it iwas in fact two days ago on the 29th.

So this is it, what i lost sleep over and waisted hours of my life on for NOTHING. No more of this crap, i'm saying screw it. Every time i try to do a contest lately something screws up or too much work gets in the way. This is my LAST contest submission thingy from now own, i don't wanna deal with this bull anymore because it keeps turning out to be a waste if my freakin time. NO MORE! hope you enjoy this crap.

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