Friday, May 3, 2013

Character Commission Sale

Here's the dealio: Opening a sale of character commissions for a limited time.  First come first serve for now until I deem I'm unable to take anymore.  Standing neutral pose characters are $10 each for line art and light flat shading, $20 each for color and flat shading.  Add up to $5 more for a pose other than standing neutral (depends on complexity).  I'm only doing character drawings; no scenes, no backgrounds, and no comics.    For questions email me at: with the subject "Character Commission" (this is important, if it doesn't have this subject chances are I will miss your email).  Send me a brief description of the character (do not send me an essay) and reference images if available.  As this is a sale payment for commissions must be made upfront after I agree to take the commission, and payment is through paypal using my contact email .

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