Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post Apocalypse...

Finally it's done, here's my small comic piece i did for a Post-Apocalyptic Anthology book. it has taken forever but now its finally done! it's also sort of a prequel to a story i have in mind set several more years later after this the war is ongoing but the human runaways have become soldiers and are fighting for the survival of their race.. Enjoy!

synopis: Somewhat in the future, let's say 20 years, robots have flourished as man's greatest servant and accomplishment. but at one point machine decides that man is insufficient and must be replaced, by them. When that occurs the robots search and kill as many people as they can find and one by one take on their appearance and live their lives as a human would.
The comic takes place several days after the take over has occurred and follows a group of humans who have just escaped an ambush and are trying to make it out of the city to refuge.

page 1

page 2

page 3 ...robots have taken over.

page 4

page 5 ...robot hell, you can tell that my markers started to get weak.

page 6 ... yeah, it all goes to hell

page 7 ...it gets even worse...

and finally, page 8. I had such a large work load that the comic didn't turn out how i wanted it. I am still proud oif it but hopefully next time it'll be even better.

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Ricardo -the proud uncle- Cairo said...

tatatate ta teeeeee!!!
and another one from the amazing Samir ladies and gentlemen. Let me tell you a story of how he was maybe four or six and we went to see Casper the ghost here in A'dam. Afterwards he drew Casper and his uncles and you could tell who was who. I kept that picture on my fridge but I believe my two year old daughter ate it...